The Asclepius AI Platform is the first remote patient monitoring system for pre and post surgical assessment

The gap in the market we are addressing is muti fold:
1. Currently, surgical pre assessment is centered on face-to-face consultation by the patient at a fixed location; a hospital pre assessment clinic.
2. Limited set of clinical data to calculate patients ‘fitness for surgery index’ during the above.
3. Clinics are reliant on location fixed standard exercise testing tools ‘cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) which are unable to transition to virtual remotely managed services.
4. Providers are struggling to increase pre assessment service capacity and likely to miss referral and address surgical backlogs targets.

NHS providers, and others internationally, are seeking remote digital device and software innovations to address the above challenge and system gaps.

The Asclepius System is unique:
1. Records more data and builds a valuable patient longitudinal multimodal dataset and with clever AI predicative algorithms calculates a more accurate ‘fitness for surgery index’.
2. Is not fixed to locations and patients are issued with a wearable biosensor and record self-reported data in the app, to use at home, or work or other for 7 days.
3. Reduces unnecessary clinic visits with no requirement for the patient to return for follow up consults.
4. Healthcare professionals can in real time remotely access patient data in the patient’s dashboard. Analyse and automate reporting data, with intelligent AI, to inform shared decision making with the surgical, anaesthetist and surgical planning teams.
5. Speeds up time to surgical procedure.
6. The Asclepisu System is co-designed with patients for high user-acceptability.
7. Is less expensive that CPET testing.