Asclepius MedTech Limited: revolutionising pre-and post-operative surgical assessment by unleashing and unlocking the power of data

Asclepius MedTech Ltd. provides a remote patient monitoring platform set to revolutionise pre- and post-operative surgical assessment by unleashing and unlocking the power of data

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS treatment waiting lists reached a record high of 7.4 million people, with over 410,000 patients waiting for treatment for more than a year. This challenge is seen across the rest of Europe, Canada and the USA and it will take many years to clear this backlog.

Asclepius MedTech will revolutionise pre- and post-operative assessment for healthcare professionals (HCPs), their hospitals and patients, with its platform analysing combined evidence-based longitudinal multimodal data sets powered by predictive algorithms to more accurately predict patient ‘fitness for surgery’. Supporting clinicians and surgical teams, the platform will ameliorate shared decision-making so teams may better stratify patient care, reduce the risk of surgical complications, improve patient outcomes, their recovery and facilitate earlier discharge.

Patients for pre-operative surgery will be fitted with a CE-marked wearable biosensor, attached to the chest to capture physiological data (e.g., vital signs, activity, posture, temperature) and complete daily, app-based, clinically validated questionnaires about their health status. Data transmitted in real-time and automated with cloud analytics is presented on the hospital team’s clinical dashboard.

Professor David Jayne, clinical advisor to Asclepius Medtech Ltd., commented: “Current systems for assessing fitness for surgery are limited and frequently not accessible to the frailest patients or patients with disabilities. In comparison, the Asclepius Platform, designed for patients, provides clinicians with a richer data set that more accurately predicts the risks of surgery. It will allow clinicians to plan appropriate care pathways to minimise complications, make better treatment choices, improve efficiency and reduce costs for healthcare providers.

The Asclepius Platform will reduce the number of clinic visits, increase system efficiency and patient pathway optimisation, thus, improving the productivity and capacity of hospitals. Additionally, the platform has been co-designed with patients to enhance user acceptability and is shown to be less costly than Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET). Nicholas Ibery, Lead UK Partner for NLC Ventures Netherlands BV, stated: “We are proud to have partnered with Michael and the Asclepius leadership team on the next chapter of their journey to improve the quality of pre- and post-operative care and positively impact millions of patients’ lives.

Michael Morgan-Curran, the CEO of Asclepius MedTech Ltd., brings 15 years’ experience in building, launching and scaling up MedTech companies in the EU, MENA and the US: “Asclepius’s innovation will not only simplify and improve pre- and post-operative surgical assessment to reduce surgical complications, improve patient outcomes, but also automate decisionmaking to optimise patient pathways and reduce the burden on hospitals.”

Following significant funding awards from the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) and charitable bodies for large clinical studies, the next stage for the Asclepius Platform involves upgrading the clinical dashboard, app interface with the sensor and its app to record patient reported data to provide HCPs and surgical teams with comprehensive reports for enhanced decision-making. This will be followed by the integration of validated cloud-based predictive algorithms and additional clinical research; supported by seed investment and non-dilutive grant funding.

Asclepius MedTech Ltd. are developing an ecosystem with academic and clinical network partners, public and private hospital organisations, industry associations, national innovation accelerators and patient advocacy groups.

The company plans a phased launch of its Platform in the UK, the EU, Canada and the USA.

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